Why Order PVSA?

More Precise Than Getting Tested
at Your Doctor’s Office

Increased Post Vasectomy Compliance

Published studies show that up to 46% of vasectomy patients do not submit a semen specimen for post vasectomy semen analysis (PVSA), and up to 79% do not submit the recommended second specimen (The British Journal of Urology). This poor patient compliance is attributed to the inconvenience and discomfort of having to hand-deliver and/or produce a sample for analysis in a doctor’s office or a laboratory (“Postvasectomy Semen Analysis: Are Men Following Up?”, Christensen and Maples).

Post Vasectomy Test PVSA™ allows patients to collect a semen sample (via masturbation or intercourse) in their home, and mail it to the Bedford Research laboratory for a sperm count. The physician controls the time interval post vasectomy and whether one, two or three PVSA tests are ordered. The patient receives the PVSA kit(s) at home in a discreet package. Ninety six percent (96%) of patients surveyed agree PVSA is easy and convenient to use.

Better Quality Results

Bedford’s patented fixative solution stabilizes the semen specimen and eliminates the time sensitivity between sample collection and analysis.

The fixative contains an internal control of fixed red blood cells to ensure the integrity of the sample and provide an internal counting chamber control.

The solution changes color (from pink to yellow) when semen is added, ensuring that the solution contains semen.

The specimen is individually examined with a standard hemacytometer by a trained laboratory technician, and archived for two years.

Recommended PVSA Protocol

A British society of semen experts (the British Andrology Society) reviewed the vasectomy literature and in 2002 published their recommended guidelines:

  1. Patients should use alternate methods of birth control for at least 16 weeks post vasectomy.
  2. Men should ejaculate at least 24 times in that 16 week period, then submit a semen specimen for sperm detection.
  3. They should submit a second specimen two weeks later.


  1. If sperm are detected, repeat semen analyses should be performed until no sperm are present. If semen specimens contain 100,000 sperm/ml, either moving or not moving, a repeat vasectomy may be indicated.
  2. A repeat analysis at one year post vasectomy will help ensure re-canalization did not occur.

How to Order PVSA

The BRF lab will send your office an information package that contains test requisitions customized for your practice. Your office will return a signed copy of the test requisition to register your practice with the BRF lab.

Instruct the patient to order the PVSA kit at the PayPal link on www.pvsa.org, as shown on the test requisition given to the patient at the time of his vasectomy. The kit order information is automatically sent to the BRF lab where a bar-coded kit is created specifically for the patient and will be mailed to him immediately. The PVSA report will be faxed/mailed to your office within 2 days of kit receipt in the lab. The BRF lab will notify you if the patient has NOT returned the PVSA kit by 5 months post-vasectomy.

Additional inquiries: pvsa@bedfordresearch.org, Ph 617-623-7447, Fx 617-209-7861. Tests are performed by Bedford Research Foundation. Kits are manufactured for Bedford Research by Anderson Biotest.

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